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Quotations from our Members

Ron Lawler.jpeg

Ron Lawler

My wife and I retired to Sandwich from our teaching jobs in 2002. I had been a member of the University Glee Club, a men’s singing group in Providence, for 25 years and sang in college with another men’s group. My wife and I had also sung in our church choir in Massachusetts. In 2005 I was delighted to learn about Clearlakes from my Sandwich friend Paula Kuehn and have been making the 50-mile round trip to Clearlakes rehearsals and concerts ever since. At the time I joined Clearlakes I was also trying out a few other singing groups in this part of New Hampshire and continued with the Pemi Choral Society for several more years. In my view, what sets Clearlakes apart from some of the other groups is the variety of our programming and the quality of our director, Andy Campbell. The group also has the core of experienced singers needed to keep the music engine running during rehearsals and performances. Andy is a combination of musician, conductor, composer and teacher that I had not encountered before joining Clearlakes. His leadership, I think, makes it possible for us to handle a range of music extending from show tunes to the occasional Mass or Messiah. It seems to me that mixed community singing groups like Clearlakes can accommodate almost any personality, belief or talent level in a setting where cooperation is essential We all need to pull together and follow the leader to get the job done. That is a very rare opportunity nowadays.

MIke lymburner.jpeg

Mike Lymburner
My name is Mike and I’m really a baritone that sings tenor (don’t ask me’s a long story)! I’ve been singing in Clearlakes Chorale for 4 seasons, much to the chagrin of our director & fellow tenors (only kidding..... I think!). I love all types of music, but I’m most interested in Christian music of which the group ‘Selah’ is one of my favorites. I do love classic rock as well! The first concert I ever went to was to see the ‘Chicago Transit Authority’better known as simply  ‘Chicago’... in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Still one of my  favorites but my all time favorite is ‘Crosby, Stills and Nash’.
I didn’t begin singing until I was in my twenties! I never knew I could sing (some think I still don’t!) until a choir director heard me in the congregation. He stopped me one Sunday and simply said’ “be here Wednesday evening at 6:30!” I’ve been singing in choirs, quartets, trios ever since!
I chose Clearlakes Chorale to sing because... well, it’s just too darn much fun! People are great (the tenors are exceptional) and everyone enjoys making music. On a bit more of the serious side, the people in our chorale understand that the art of making music; to express the art in a form that not only challenges us, but expresses the content in a deep and meaningful way. Music, if we let it, soothes our souls and always seems to leave us in a better place.

Bob and Donna Shockley

After growing up singing in church choirs (where we met!), and raising our family, we retired (Bob as a GE Aircraft Engine design engineer and Donna as a middle school counselor) to our cottage in Hidden Valley, Wolfeboro, about 20 years ago. We had become friends with several local people through the Festival Chorus at Great Waters Music Festival in prior summers and it was Bruce McCracken who urged us to check out Clearlakes Chorale in 2004. Clearlakes has been one of the most meaningful things we’ve done in the years since. We’ve made good friends, been challenged by inspiring music, and had an opportunity to grow in many ways. Bob has been a tenor soloist numerous times and both of us have served on the Board of Directors. The most consistent thing about our involvement over the years is that as we drive home from rehearsals on Thursday nights we talk about how glad we were to be at Clearlakes that night! Clearlakes is a welcoming and fun group. Whether you have extensive musical experience or not, people are made to feel welcome and part of the group. There is an opportunity to attend a couple rehearsals at the beginning of each semester to see if it’s a “fit” for you before making a commitment. A chorale like Clearlakes brings an important element to the community: whether people sing together, or listen at concerts, spirits are raised and something intangible and important is shared. We encourage you to join us!

Susan Crimp-Marcet

My name is Susan Crimp-Marcet. My singing background began at age 4 when I would perform Over the Rainbow for my family, to positive reviews. We always played and sang as a family during my formative years. I joined my first church choir as a youth in a church choir around age 15. Over the years I have always been part of community choruses and church choirs. I have also been in several musical theater productions and met my husband of 40 years when we were cast as the leads in The Music Man for a community theater in Antrim, NH. The FCCW choir asked me to join them the first time I attended church which was a big part of my joining the church. It felt right to follow Andy as a creative leader, notably to a chorus trying to find its way post Covid. As a recently retired clinical social worker who has helped people recover from trauma for over 40 years, I have always encouraged music as a means to heal. It has certainly helped me through difficult times and provided stress reduction. As someone once said, when you sing, you pray twice. Positives about the chorale include Andy's leadership and sense of humor, feeling welcomed and singing with good musicians

Fred Doscher.jpeg

Fred Doscher

Singing has always been significant for me… singing is a spiritual experience in that it provides a way for me to be in touch with my own spirit, the spirit of others in the choir and ultimately with those who attend a concert. I had the privilege of singing in a very good college choir with a superb choir director, and I have directed several choirs myself. I’ve joined Clearlakes Chorale because of the discipline, passion and sense of humor that Andy Campbell brings to us. My wife and I drive 45 minutes each way to be part of the Chorale… it is worth that effort, even on a snowy winter night!

Blair Moffett.jpeg

Blair Moffet

Patricia and I were gradually moving from CT to Wolfeboro in 2006. While we had a long history in Wolfeboro, we had never really lived here, especially through the winter. Moving from a rich cultural area to a small town in the country, we wondered what awaited us in music and art and theater. As it happened, we saw in the newspaper that the Clearlakes Chorale was presenting a Christmas Concert. We bought tickets and went. The next season, we signed up to sing, delighted to find a group of serious singers and a fine director. It's been a joy.

Pete Caesar.jpg

Pete Caesar

I joined Clearlakes in 1992, encouraged by my wife Suzy (the real singer in the family) who was already active in Clearlakes Chorale. Rehearsals quickly became a common channel marker in our busy lives, the chance to join a community of positive, purposeful fellow singers committed to adding some flavor and icing to the cake of this wonderful community.


Singing had always been an important part of our lives, whether in school and college groups, with guitars in family get-togethers, or in a community musical production in our Pittsburgh years. Clearlakes Chorale more than satisfies that appetite now. Weekly rehearsals under our inspiring and ever-so-patient director Andy Campbell are always fun and worthwhile. I am excited to see the group thriving with fresh, talented voices, including robust bass and tenor sections holding their own with the perennially strong sopranos and altos. I now cheer proudly from the sidelines. I encourage one and all to come give it a try!

chuch hiles.jpg

Chuck Hiles

I joined Clearlakes Chorale because I love music,... and because I love making music even more. I attended Clearlakes concerts my first few years in Wolfeboro, and I came away with a sense of having been entertained as well as in awe of the magnificent sound and artistry of the group. I joined and have come to be friends with the members and have much improved my singing ability due, in large part, to the group comradery and the artistry of our director, Andy Campbell.


I like to think that the concerts provide great live music to the community and showcase the talents of our chorale. It is pleasing to bring music to the local area.

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